Expert Coaches

Research demonstrates that you can achieve your lifestyle change goals best with the support of an expert coach.

Lifestyle change can be hard to achieve on your own, but research demonstrates that having the right coach will make change simpler and will allow you to keep those changes for the long-term. Having a support system in your life is important for all of your goals. When it comes to your brain health goals, our coaches are just the right mix of motivation and education to keep you inspired. Your quality of life, and vitality will permanently benefit if you can use coaching to follow through on your new lifestyle changes.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

The brain is the most important organ in your body. It is not only essential for life, but its proper functioning determines your quality of life. Your brain health determines what you can remember, innovate, enjoy, and create. When you’re trying to improve something that is so critical to your life, you shouldn’t go it alone. Every athlete has a trainer, every artist has a muse. The coaches at Brain Health Institute are both. They educate, support, and inspire.

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Why Does Coaching Work?

Research indicates that coaching is an excellent tool to help people achieve any of the goals that they have for their life. When it comes to making lifestyle changes, you need to decide to break your habits, forge new ones, and make better decisions every single day. When you’re alone, your motivation for major change will quickly dim, and excuses, barriers, and old habits will begin to rear their heads.

Coaching works because it offers the one-on-one support that you need to break unhealthy habits. You can get support in your goals from anyone, but a coach will understand your purpose, your goals, your journey, and you. They’ll serve as a guide, helping you to move past obstacles, deal with setbacks without giving up, and make even better decisions to get you to your goals. They aren’t just teachers or emotional support, they’re also inspirations that renew your dedication to a

Our Approach to Coaching

Every coaching program is different. Because we consider individualized support to be so essential to your success in our program, we’ve given a lot of thought as to the role coaching should have.

Our coaching approach is all about choosing the right people. While coaches should have a great deal of knowledge about brain health, and the food, exercise, and sleep changes you want to make, that knowledge is not enough. Great coaches need to know how to identify your strengths, and motivations and have the tools to inspire people in many different situations, conditions, and levels of preparation. Brain health should be accessible for everyone, and any coach needs to be able to adjust to the person they’re working with.

Great coaching is about minimizing your weaknesses and maximizing your strengths. To accomplish that, your coach needs to know you, your habits, and where you personally struggle. They need to challenge you where you’re already doing well, so you can maximize advantage. And they need to be supportive and understanding where you struggle, so you can slowly overcome your most significant challenges.

If we want to make fundamental changes to our lives, we need to change our habits. We need to
systematically break the bad habits and rebuild around good habits.