Appointment Pricing

Telemedicine Appointment Price: $200,

At this time we are offering 30-minute appointments for $200. The first meeting or any 60-minute appointment will be $400. 

We feel like 30-minutes is the minimal amount of time required for an effective follow up  

visit with your doctor. If you feel like you would like more time with your doctor you are welcome to schedule a 60-minute appointment, or schedule multiple 30-minute appointments spaced out as you see fit.

Insurance: Cash-pay only

Brain Health Institute is a cash-pay service. We do not currently accept insurance. Patients are able to use their FSA and HSA spending account cards to pay for appointments, and in some cases your doctor will be able to provide a “Superbill” that you can submit to your private insurance company for partial reimbursement. At this time we do not have enough feedback to predict how much your insurance companies may reimburse you for these appointments.

We do know that some patients are fully reimbursed, some receive partial reimbursement, and others are not reimbursed.  It depends on your medical condition, the diagnosis and treatment, and your plan deductible, out of network benefit, etc.

Medicare patients are unfortunately not eligible to submit for reimbursement because the doctors who are eligible to see them at Brain Health Institute have had to opt-out of the medicare system.